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  • Human Trafficking - 457 Visa

    29 April at 23:00 from atlas

    Poor Australian visa policy is leaving the door open for human traffickers.

    457 visa holders have no right to criticise their employers when they are being ripped off or harassed or forced into work that they would otherwise object to. These vulnerable employees have no real right to join a union without the employer sacking them.

    CLICK ► Skilled migration or slave labour (ACA)

    457 visas, and the abuse of foreign employees is harming the community and has dangerous precedence in other countries who use foreign labor to fill skill shortages.

    Law enforcement and NGO's can only do so much once sophisticated criminal practices are established. Whether it be 457 Visa or Student Visa, the emphasis must be on strong government policy. In an economic culture driven by greed and profit, any reliance on Australian private companies to act as good corporate citizens is a flawed model.

    If Australian companies are trafficking people into this country to exploit them against the standards and ethics, and legal requirements of this nation, the appropriate title is human trafficking.

    Once sacked, foreign workers can be deported within 28 days unless they can find another job. And this leaves the door open for the most dangerous of abuse, especially when unethical employers act to sabotage or delay the return of desperately needed documents.

    Thornton Tucker's work in Singapore has targeted this scam in which corrupt employers and HR, with criminal links, advertise fake jobs to attract foreign workers only to hold and exploit the short term Work Pass (WP) Visa. In the most dangerous situations employment documents are taken from the job applicant during the interview and handed down the chain to gangs associated with the sex industry. Similar to Australia's 457 Visa foreign workers in Singapore have only a limited time to find a job or leave the country.