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  • Psychology Behind Unfair Dismissal

    29 April at 16:42 from atlas

    While no one is happy about being terminated, it's the way it's handled that most often gets the litigation ball rolling. Employees who are fired without warning, who are, without cause, marched out the door by security, or who learn about it through a nasty email or via coworkers are employees with an axe to grind. And there are plenty of lawyers to help them grind it..

    Employees who "get no respect" are future plaintiffs, particularly when they're being fired. In fact, the results of structured interviews with 996 recently fired or laid-off workers (Administrative Science Quarter, September 2011) found that the way an employee was treated at the time of termination had nearly twice as much effect as any other variable in predicting who would sue for wrongful termination and who would not; less that half of one percent of the respondents who felt they had been treated with "very much dignity" at their time of dismissal filed claims in comparison to 15 percent of those who said they had "not at all" received respectful and dignified treatment at the time of termination.

    What employees were told when they were let go was also important. Less than 2 percent of terminated employees who were given an accurate and honest explanation of why they were being fired filed wrongful termination claims. In contrast almost 20% of employees who were given no explanation (or this was the first time they were hearing it) filed a claim.

    (Administrative Science Quarter, September 2011)